Resource Page

This page is a work in progress – but then, what isn’t?  Got a resource you think I should share / know about? Comment below and I’ll add it to the soon-to-be-booming list.


2015 Apparel Industry Trends Report by  Baptist World Aid Australia

A list of Brands Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia: Ethical Clothing Australia

An amazing ethical consumer resource page – Ethical Consumer

A list of Clothing Brands sorted according to their Ethical Practices – Shop Ethical 

An extensive Fair Trade Resource page with Webinars, Books, Articles etc – Fair Trade Resource Network

A list of Brands allowing animal testing – Animals Australia

A list of Accredited Cruelty-Free companies – Choose Cruelty Free

Ethical Trading Guidelines and Projects of – The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) 

A film about Ethics and Human Rights in the Fast Fashion Industry – The True Cost


Online Bookstore with a soul:  social enterprise  – Better World Books

Raj Patel – Stuffed and Starved

Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway – Merchants of Doubt

Susan Freinkel – Plastic a toxic love story

Eric St Pierre – Fair Trade A Human Journey 

Ian Hudson, Mark Hudson, Mara Fridell  Fair Trade, Sustainability, and Social Change

Big Picture  – Big Books International Political Economy Series 

For Your viewing pleasure


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