NIA is an eco-friendly knitwear label creating versatile, comfortable and adaptable women’s clothing. They’ve just launched a kickstarter too!

“Last year I decided to stop shopping fast fashion. I watched a documentary called, The True Cost. It showed the negative impact the fast fashion fashion industry was causing…

I knew since I was five years old I wanted to design my own clothing line, but it was more recently that I became 100% dedicated to creating a brand my customers could be proud of wearing.

This is how NIA was born.

The demand for fast fashion is vast, but while retailers are producing at high rates, we are getting low quality garments in return. In the past, clothes were produced with the mindset that they would last you a lifetime. I want to offer that to you.

I decided to start NIA in order to produce a product that could withstand unpredictable events we all tend to have in our lives. Since I couldn’t find quality garments I wanted in stores, I decided to create my own.” Merica Kahn, NIA Founder.


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