S A Y A Designs

S A Y A Designs is a heart fuelled venture launching a unique collection of hairpins.

Using root wood salvaged from old plantations, each hairpin completes a cycle, as every purchase plants up to 10 endangered tree species back into the rainforests in Indonesia.

“Creativity, collaboration and compassion are all at the core of this journey” Says Victoria, S A Y A Founder. “We hope to invite others to learn more and get involved with environmental and wildlife conservation by adding to the beauty in people’s lives by creating things they can treasure that have stories to tell.”

Consciously Sourced Timber 

Many hardwoods are still commercially sold and are often undocumented. Searching for sustainable timber, Victoria came across Made & Wayan, sculptors digging up and recycling root wood from old plantations across Indonesia. The roots were left behind by loggers harvesting trees on large-scale production sites. They take hundreds of years to decompose and have little value for the soil. Using this waste material S A Y A  is having a very small impact on the environment.


Supporting Eco Systems

“For each purchase, we will plant up to 10 endangered tree species back into the rainforests across protect areas in Indonesia.”

S A Y A has a charity partner,  GAIA, based in Central Java.  They work on assisting local communities to maintain their environment through support and training. They work closely together with large organizations such as FFI and focus specifically on Indonesia speaking on a government level to make sure forestry issues are heard.

“The time for change-making is now”


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