The Company.

Mayamiko is a collection of clothing, accessories and home wares , ethically made in Malawi fusing together contemporary design with traditional African techniques.

Mayamiko is part of  Ethical Fashion Forums ‘Fellowship 500’ and is a supporter of the Fashion Revolution movement. They are actively leading as innovators within the UK and global fashion industry. They have been recognised for their work  ‘Changing Lives’ and as ‘Brand to Watch’ by industry awards, and we have also been shortlisted for Vogue Italia’s Eco Talents Scouting 2013.

The Lab. 

Mayamiko collections are produced on the Mayamiko Lab in Malawi. The Mayamiko Lab project was set up by Mayamiko Trust, a charity established in 2008 by Paola Masperi. After extensive travel in Africa, Paola decided to help some of the most disadvantaged people in Malawi by supporting their creative talents and turning them into sustainable activities.

“The Mayamiko Lab was designed to provide skills training, education, nutrition, sanitation and promote fairer trade practices. Currently the project provides training in sewing and tailoring to local, disadvantaged women, who are affected by the HIV pandemic or who are carers of HIV orphans.” Paola Masperi, Mayamiko founder.

The Ethics.

Mayamiko adhere to the Ethical Trade Initiative’s principles (ETI) as part of their ethical code. Their ethical standards include:

  •  No forced labour
  •  Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  •  Safe and hygienic working conditions
  •  No child labour
  •  Living wages
  •  No discrimination
  •  No excessive working hours
  •  Regular employment to be provided
  •  No harsh or inhumane treatment
  •  Training and professional development for all employees
  •  A nutritious meal every day
  •  Life skill sensitization and individual support
  • Support to set up independent businesses and cooperatives when desired
  • Financial education and access to microfinance, loans and grants
  • Pension scheme and gratuity

The Dresses.

Enala dress in Dunes & Sun – from the Kukonda Collection. Kukonda means love in Chichewa and Enala is one of their trainees who is now a full time employee and graduated through their Tailoring academy and apprenticeship programme.
Tapiwa Dress from the soon to launch Maluwa Collection. Maluwa means blossom and Tapiwa is Enala’s daughter, the second youngest baby in the Mayamiko family.

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