The Ethereal Edit

ETHOS [ee-thos, eth-os] noun | the distinctive character, spirit and attitudes of a people, culture, era, etc; the revolutionary ethos

The Ethereal Edit

The Ethereal Edit curates beautiful jewellery and clothing made by hands full of love and wisdom. The company’s aim is to empower people doing small yet wonderful things in different communities around the world. They are working to connect those who are using ancient techniques and creating wearable art filled with stories and to share these pieces with those of us who seek something unique and purposeful.

ETHE [eth] noun | plural of ethos

“To bring a little mindfulness to everyday habits, to the process of wearing & buying clothing. To consider that someone, somewhere made it with their hands.”

REAL [ree-uhl, reel] adjective | true, genuine, not fake, actually being & existing



The Ethereal Edit is a company that believes in people, and believes that people care for things when they feel a connection.

“The pieces we share here aim to help in establishing or deepening that connection with the individuals who make the clothes, the natural state our bodies are supposed to reside in, and the amazing earth we get to experience; the ocean, the forest, the desert, the sky.”

ETHEREAL | [ih-theer-ree-uhl] adjective | consisting of ether: pure air,
higher regions behind the earth; celestial, otherworldly. extremely delicate or refined. light.

Treading Lightly.


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