Love me two times | Second Loves Vintage

Nat from Second Loves is a sparkly gem of a girl with a humble and inspiring approach to getting by. She’s my go-to source for second-hand clothing. Her affordable collection is constantly evolving and well worth keeping an eye on!  These shots were taken early one morning – sleepy eyes and cucumbers, kittens and chickens, and a gorgeous Second Loves Night Dress.

Here’s some words from Nat:

” I feel its so important for us all to look at a more sustainable way not just to shop for clothing, but in our everyday lives. Buying secondhand goods is a great place to start. I have always loved buying things second hand and feel good in doing so. By reusing things, we play a part in ultimately the need for less, which in turn means less of the new needs to be produced. Each individual can play a part in protecting our resources and this beautiful planet. This philosophy spreads much further than just being about the clothes we put on our backs.

Consumers have power. If you become aware of when you are spending your hard earned money, you can make a conscious choice about where each dollar is going. We can all help a little by simply buying local and from small businesses whenever you can, and of course second-hand and vintage. When sending out items I use minimal packaging and recycle post bags and boxes where ever possible. The idea of an online purchase makes sense to me as there is no need for clothing tags, receipts and other items that I find unnecessary and wasteful. ” 



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