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These sentimental little shots are the result of a super special little visit with one of my favourite photographers Aimee Catt. Featured here is GOTS Certified Organic Blessed Earth  Bed Linen.

Joe and Shanti 092Joe and Shanti 095Joe and Shanti 017Joe and Shanti 032Joe and Shanti 066Joe and Shanti 084

Here’s what Blessed Earth has to say about their organic certifications.

“Blessed Earth as a manufacturer and retailer is routinely inspected by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute of Australia in order to be able to put the Demeter label on those fabrics and products we import from Egypt.

Similarly our manufacturers in India and Turkey are certified by Global Organic Textiles Standard, commonly referred to as GOTS. All of our cotton bedding, clothing and textile homewares products carry either the Demeter or the GOTS label. We only carry certified organic cotton. Unless it is certified, we are not interested.

The testing for certification is quite rigorous. Every step of the way, from seeds that are not genetically modified, to ginning (cleaning), to knitting or weaving, to dyeing and to the stitching of the end product, inspections are rigorously carried out to ensure that specified guidelines are being observed.

Any system is capable of being rorted so we regularly visit our overseas suppliers to see for ourselves that everything is in order. It takes a special consciousness to dedicate oneself to organic growing and production. We look for that in the people we deal with and they become our trading partners; heart-felt allies in offering top quality, chemical free products.”

To learn more – visit their site


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