Less is More – Sustainable Lingerie by Woron

_DSF6061_DSF6047_DSF6065 (1)_DSF6064_DSF6062_DSF6063

Sustainable Lingerie.

Introducing  – WORON.   I am so incredibly impressed by the lovely founders, sisters Anya and Arina Woron. The girls have taken a zero compromise approach to both sustainability and feminine style – resulting in some gorgeous pieces, made to last.

The Woron sisters have decided to take a slow-fashion approach to their range. By limiting their collection to it’s essence,  they have been able to put the right amount of focus and thought into each part of the production process.  “Our mission is to create underwear that is beautiful yet comfortable and will have longevity, so that you won’t have to throw out your favourite garment every few months to stay chic” Explain the sisters.

Their pieces are sewn  in a small family-owned factory in Europe from sustainably sourced fabric called Lenzing Modal, which is a fine, smooth fiber made from beech wood.

The beech wood used in their Modal production is from sustainable forestry plantations growing native trees.

Modal textile is less resistant to shrinkage, fading and greying than cotton,  thereby extending its lifespan – Longevity!

These pieces are beautiful to wear, soft, comfortable, and breathable. Thank you Anya and Arina for creating such a wonderful range!


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