Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness

A little bit of goodness from newly established Cendour. These guys have taken such a beautiful direction with their creative candle company. Each candle is Handmade & Poured with sustainable natural ingredients (soy wax) and ethical work practices – including their Fair Trade glassware. It was such a special experience choosing out the different scents for my very own little candle, choosing which glass, and placing my order – something super yummy about knowing each unique candle is made just the once, for each individual customer.  I’ll be slowly collecting these candles I am sure.

A few reasons to buy Fair Trade:

Fair Trade means fair pay and working conditions for farmers and producers. Fair Trade products are made in safe and healthy working conditions, where farmers and producers receive a fair price and have a voice in how their workplace is run.

Fair Trade is better for the environment. Fair Trade supports sustainable practices that minimise our environmental footprint. 

Fair Trade means sustainable local economies. Fair Trade gives farmers and artisans control of their own future. They can build their own businesses, rather than working for a middle man, and the profits stay in their communities and go back into their businesses.


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