Nostalgia with Psychedelic Baglady

Psychedelic baglady is 100% handmade & designed by three beautiful sisters here in Byron Bay. These girls use all re-cycled & found materials in the making of their products. They’re pushing back against fast-fashion and are passionate about up-cycling. “we all exist in a disposable society, ethically we feel up-cycling has an extremely important role in the future of retail.” Their unqiue one-off pieces are Australian made, owned, and sourced. By choosing to support these girls  we’re redirecting our dollars to contribute to the sustainability and growth of our arts and creative industry.  In choosing to support them we’re also choosing to actively participate in the transformation of the cycle of consumption and disposal, by redirecting our dollars away from unsustainable business models within the garment industry. I love the nostalgic, eccentric, and quirky style of this Label, and am so grateful to have had the chance to learn more about their mission and frock up in some of their pieces!


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